... A Different Cloth

January 17, 2019

 Recently I noticed the similarities about the people I spend time with. From my oldest friends to the new friends I’ve made, they all have this commonality, which is that they were raised on love and to love. They are genuine, caring, and honest and just want to give and show love. I knew from the beginning after meeting each one that there was a special bond that I formed with each. My female friends that I’m close to are very close to their mothers as I am with mine. They share this certain bond that can’t be broken with their mothers that I also share with mine. It’s like our mothers are our best friend and we give them the utmost respect. I never noticed until now that all my close girlfriends are close to their mothers. I don’t know if that is a coincidence or if that means something. My guy friends who are close to their families have that strong bond too. It’s because these people were raised on love and cut from the same cloth as me. The term “cut from a different cloth” means different in the aspects of how a person was raised determines how they live their life. My mom would always say when I was in different situations regarding friends, “They are just cut from a different cloth”. I’ve always understood it but I do more so now. When you find people you can relate to and can just talk to about anything its comforting. You know they won’t judge and you know that they’ll be nothing but honest with you and have your best interest at heart. Those are the friendships I’ll never take for granted and cherish forever.

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